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16-07-2015, 12:14:12
Risks (a) and (b) are at the moment the gresetat for the NFL because many NFL franchises are financially over-leveraged for stadiums, player salaries, and, in some cases, acquisition debt. The NFL cannot afford a long disruption to its collective revenue stream, nor can its TV partners. If an agreement cannot be reached on restructuring the players bargaining agreement and capping rookie salaries, the next NFL season may begin with scab labor in uniform, as happened before. NFL players are already highly compensated and have few real labor issues in any traditional sense. Management may press hard for an 18 game season, because they need the money. They will probably offer an expanded roster and more money as a way of addressing the player safety issue (although that is hardly a convincing proposal to the starters facing the 18 game marathon). The unknown is whether fan support will erode on a per game basis with the longer schedule (think MLB again). The game is highly dependent on TV revenue; if ratings drop significantly, ad revenues will fall, and the whole pyramid will collapse like a house of cards. (Remember the USFL?)

18-07-2015, 17:23:46
All I can see are feminists siayng that feminism is about equality, then claim that the acts of discrimination or examples of discriminatory laws that have been passed by feminists were the responsibility of radical feminists and that they aren't one of those. However, every last one of the feminists involved in the acts of discrimination and the discriminatory laws, claimed the EXACT SAME THING. In many cases the people that claim equality (even on here) will then go on to justify discrimination.How can I come to the conclusion that OVERALL feminism is not a radical hate movement if the RESULTS of the feminist movement are the acts of discrimination and the discriminatory laws?If they are different then surely someone can tell me why them seem to ACT in the same manner and can tell me how we can tell them apart.So, how do we tell the difference between a true feminist and a radical feminist if they make the exact same claims?Minvera: So judging them by whether they take the action of claiming that the wage gap is real would be a good way to go right? Someone's a radical feminist And dogtown, as far as I can tell the third wave feminists are second wave feminists that don't want to be saddled with the bad reputation and lack of credibility of the second wave feminists, so denounce them, then go off campaigning for the exact same things. They are exemplary examples of why I can't tell the difference.
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